The controversial ancient hominin remains of Homo floresiensis have only been found at one site: the cave known as Liang Bua. The cave, located on the eastern Indonesian island of Flores, is a pretty fascinating and magical place. As some of you know, I have visited the site for the past two consecutive years, during the team’s yearly field season.

Why do I call a research site “magical”? And do I actually do while I’m there–as a historian of science? I recently answered some of these questions in a podcast, speaking to historian of science Michael Robinson, on “Time to Eat the Dogs.” If you’re interested in hearing about my research at Liang Bua and learning about the generations of workers who were excavating there long before the infamous hobbit discovery, check it out:

This was my first experience being on a podcast and it was a blast! I encourage everyone to check out some of the other episodes of Time to Eat the Dogs.

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