Paige Madison is a Ph.D. candidate at Arizona State University, studying the history of science. Her research examines the history of paleoanthropology, the science of human origins. Paige approaches the paleoanthropology’s history from a perspective that focuses on fossils as scientific objects.

Working with both The Center for Biology and Society and the Institute of Human Origins at ASU, Paige is committed to creating an interdisciplinary conversation about the human past. Her dissertation research examines three controversial fossils from paleoanthropology’s history: the first Neanderthal (1856), the first Australopithecus (1924), and Homo floresiensis (2003). By comparing these three episodes, separated by vast stretches of space in time, Paige hopes to explore the ways fossils disrupt scientific consensus and instigate new ideas about human evolution.

Paige also actively practices public outreach, hoping to share her enthusiasm for fossils and communicate the science of human origins to a broader audience. She has written outreach pieces for Aeon magazine, Sapiens, the Embryo Project Encyclopedia, and her own blog, and she has given public lectures around the world.